Ramallah, get ready for a Startup Weekend far from typical!


This is war! A slogan not so typical for a Startup Weekend. But who said a Startup Weekend should be peaceful? Is being an entrepreneur ever peaceful? Did you think achieving success would be easy? On the path to success, there is no list of do’s and don’ts… there is just you up against the unknown. Come to this Startup Weekend to show what you’re made of. We will challenge you, bring you down, and then build you up, getting the best out of you!

Enough with the buzzwords. Let’s talk about what you will get when you join us on November 21-23. As you know, Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event where individuals form teams, develop ideas for a startup, and work on their ideas intensively. At the end of the event, you pitch your idea and the winners are announced.

That’s what we are used to. However, this Startup Weekend comes with a few cool twists!

Twist #1: The ideas pitching mechanism is a bit different this time
● Option one: You choose to keep your idea confidential and pitch it during the event just as custome.
● Option two: You can pitch your idea on this facebook group, doing that you need to state clearly one of the following:
○ “I’m participating in startup weekend with this idea: (idea) ”
○ “I’m not participating in startup weekend, but I have an idea anyone is welcome to work on during Startup Weekend: (idea)”

Note1: Please note that if you pitch your idea originally planning to show up but you couldn’t, another team is welcome to claim the idea and work on it.

Note2: Yes there will pitching as usual during the event.

Twist #2: Once we are done with the pitching, late on Thursday, there will be a speed dating between mentors and teams. Each team will get to choose their favorite mentors and be matched with one of them. What happens next? We announce the new team member who was a mentor just the day before!

Wouldn’t that make the the experience of a specific mentor exclusive to one team? Absolutely not. There will always be a couple of mentors floating around for everyone! And you can have our word on this, working with some of the names will be a big surprise for all. Hint: a VC and some successful entrepreneurs. There will be some really successful minds whose stories we are all curious to know, from Palestine and the Arab region as a whole.

Twist #3: The top two finalists will be competing against startups from all over the World at aGlobal Startup Weekend competition in the U.S.

This Startup Weekend will take the competition to a whole another level. More surprises are to be revealed soon …. so stay tuned, we have so much in store for you! If you don’t show up, you won’t miss anything… but if you come, you will gain so much.

What might you gain?
Well well well … the twists mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s more! Here is a preview:
1- The two finalists are to compete in Global Startup Battle.
2- Winners will get direct access to the first accelerator in Palestine, Fastforward.
3- More to be revealed soon, stay tuned! :)

Get ready, get your dream out of the closet, and make it as real as it can get!